Why do I need a mobile website?

In these times everyone is carrying a mobile phone and the mobile web is something everyone accesses while on the go. In fact, Mobile users outnumber PC users 4 to 1, but most websites won’t even work on a mobile phone. For websites that do work on a mobile phone, they usually load very slow and are very hard to read once loaded onto a phone. There’s often a good deal of zooming in/out and scrolling involved which makes the site hard to read.

A TRUE mobile website loads quickly, requires very little scrolling and is easy to use. A mobile phone website means no more frustrated customers and clients waiting for a slow mobile site, or squinting at small type.



Which one would you order from?

Look at this example of Dommino’s Pizza on a mobile phone – their mobile site vs. standard site.


How does it work with your existing website?

A mobile site lives in harmony with an existing website through a process called “redirection”. By inserting a small snippet of code into your existing website, this code will automatically detect if a user is browsing while on a smartphone and it will instantly redirect them to your new mobile site. The redirection is instantanious and the process is totally seemless to the smartphone user.

Your new mobile site can incorporate ALL these features & more!

If you can imagine it, we can build it for you. Your new site’s design will replicate your desktop’s look and feel, only it will be a rich and rewarding mobile experience. We can easy intergrate your social media presence into your new mobile website (Fact: Nearly 70% of all Facebook traffic is NOW mobile)!

Over 30 plus custom feature buttons and tabs for your mobile website

Our platform is compatible with more than 98% of all mobile traffic!

It is a fact that having a TRUE mobile website is better than developing mobile apps for every type of smartphone on the market today. Our regular updates to our platform ensures compatibility with nearly every smartphone on the planet!